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Reload Media is specialized in development and design of new media products and content. With years of experience and lots of knowledge about the latest technologies we'll enjoy to work out the best solution.

The team consists of freelance developers and designers specially selected for your needs and your problem in question. Wether it's a website, software package or a whole integrated back-end solution, we got it here for you.

Services we can offer:
-Cdrom & DVD production
-Graphical User Interface design
-Icon design
-Software applications (OSX, PC, Linux cross platform)
-Streaming media design and development
-Video editing and special-fx
-Web design and development (including back-ends)
-Web and online application Hosting []
-Extended CMS control

Feel free to take a look at the portfolio or contact ReloadMedia

Have fun, Reload Media.


Reload Media works together with these partners:


In the past years ReloadMedia work with these clients:

AHK, Bacardi/Martini, Dommelsch, E.E.N., FCS, Heineken, Jamby, KPN, MediaRepublic, MichaKlein, Orange, PartyScene, Phil. Ork. Mozart, ScreenTime, TNO, TrendNetwork, VU, ZLTO, and many more


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Rivival of the Freedomcontroler: DTV
Wed, 10 Aug 2005 02:39:31 +0200

Check out this revival of the old FreemdomControler we build at Jamby ("experience the unexpected"), DTV is bringing you "Internet TV" it's Open and Independent.
DTV Features
• Watch hundreds of compatible internet TV channels (RSS feeds)
• Built-in channel guide
• Downloads with standard HTTP and also supports BitTorrent

Ps. Some better screenshots of the old FC unique videobrowser/videocast/receiver here.

Have fun playing with DTV and keep checking that channelguide !


© reloadmedia
Sat, 16 Jul 2005 16:09:38 +0200

a crazy funky rusian flash website you should see :-)

Happy surfing!
© reloadmedia

AmsterdamHeliport Onlin
Tue, 7 Jun 2005 00:38:31 +0200

Check out the latest work online; with live weather reports! :-)

Happy surfin'
© reloadmedia

MediaWijs is now online!
Sat, 12 Mar 2005 04:11:21 +0100

Check out the latest website and logo design for

Design of logo, print work and Website

Have fun surfing
© reloadmedia

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